Itinerant Lee’s Laugh in Face of Foreign Office

So here we go again! It’s goodbye autumnal chills, flat grey skies and dark commutes, hello Asian spices, smiling faces, and tropical beaches. Or so we thought…

As it turns out, we were perhaps a touch optimistic when reading that the Thai monsoon finishes at the end of October and booking our flights for the 1st of November, as the monsoon is still very much making its presence felt in northern and central Thailand. By all accounts large tracts of Bangkok (particularly the western suburbs) are under significant volumes of water (the city’s second airport currently sits under 3 metres), displacing thousands of residents and causing billions of Thai Baht’s worth of damage. While the impact on the city (and more northerly areas of Thailand) is undoubtedly terrible and the numbers of fatalities tragic, our immediate concern was somewhat more selfishly about whether or not to change our internal flights to avoid Bangkok altogether.

After a weekend spent scouring the web for flood updates, and following the helpful tweets of @RichardBarrow (a British ex-pat writing for the Bangkok Post), it looks as though both the international airport and central Bangkok will be largely flood free when we land on Wednesday 2nd. On this basis we’ve decided to ignore Foreign Office advice against all but essential travel (since when is a holiday non-essential anyway?), and we’re sticking to our original plan of a few days in Bangkok and the remaining week or so in Krabi province and nearby islands. It’s not quite as free an agenda as our last trip where we had almost 5 months to play with, but it’s definitely not to be sniffed at. And with the added excitement of python’s cruising floodwaters for tasty foreign flesh, what could possibly go wrong?


We’ll almost certainly be dusting off the blogging hat and digging out the thesaurus while we’re away, so do come back for another slice soon…

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One Response to Itinerant Lee’s Laugh in Face of Foreign Office

  1. Mark says:

    Good luck as you embark on your Thai voyage. ……I’m listening.


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