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Alleppey: Kerala, India

Rather than head north from Palolem, up the coast to Margaon train station from where we’d booked our onward journey to Kochi (aka Cochin), we instead took a  taxi south to meet the train at it’s first stop, mainly to give … Continue reading

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Palolem: Goa, India

So it feels like we’ve cheated.  Slipped off the wagon.  Turned to the tourist dark side, and started doing things the easy way.  The throw money at the problem way.  The way where you arrive by way of slightly battered … Continue reading

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Hampi, Karnataka State, India

Having recently posted about the highs and lows of Indian train travel (overwhelmingly biased in favour of highs), there were wry smiles as we skirted the prostrate bodies in Bangalore’s Station entrance hall, shoved through the scrum of people to … Continue reading

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Indian Train Travel

There were, there still are, a whole heap of posts I want to write about the minutiae of our 2011 RTW, but of them all, Indian train travel sits right atop the pile.  Sadly life’s tracks tend to keep itinerant minds metaphorically … Continue reading

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Delhi and out…

After an overnight train ride to return us from Shimla to Delhi, we rolled back in to New Delhi train station (confusingly in Old Delhi by the way) at around 7am, early enough to allow us to walk through Paraganj … Continue reading

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It took a 4.30am start, one tuk tuk, two trains, and 14 hours to reach Shimla, but both the journey and the destination were definitely worth the effort.  After our 19 hour train ride back from Jaisalmer to Delhi, we’d … Continue reading

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Jaisalmer (part two)

We left our guest house early (07.30) for our 2-night desert camel safari, which started with a 50km jeep ride south-west of Jaisalmer to meet a waiting troupe of camels and camel drivers with whom we’d spend the next 56 … Continue reading

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Jaisalmer (part one)

As befits India’s self-proclaimed most colourful state, several of Rajasthan’s cities are referred to by colour – the Blue City (Jodhpur), the Pink City (Jaipur), and now we arrived at the Golden City, Jaisalmer. The most westerly of Rajasthan’s cities, … Continue reading

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The ‘Book’ said of Jodhpur “watch out for especially persistent rickshaw touts at the train station, and prepare yourself for overcrowding, pollution, and a tangled, hectic city”.  However we found all of these elements to be better than elsewhere in … Continue reading

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Mount Abu

The less said about the bus ride to Mount Abu the better.  It took 6 hours, it was hot, bumpy, and uncomfortable.  But on the plus side (in the absence of any further projections) it appeared as though the nights … Continue reading

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